07 August, 2006

Exam time is coming. I still not prompt for the exam !! So sad.. Manything has ran to me and I have to done it all.Now I feel very preesure but must to pass this moment.

Last sunday after I finished MAYA class,at ground floor of Centralworld has and Game onine exhibition.I found a girl who dressed like a charecter in PANGYA , she has come with her mother who support about the dress..wowwww..

02 August, 2006

I have found a new good place for reading a book that is TK park. Today I spent all my day for reading bokks at there. It's very convenient to stay long sitting and reading. This place is my MAYA training place too haha .. Next time I'll tell you more about TK park

By the way,It remain 14 days , my exam will begin. OMG I afraid that can't read all subject in time.That's very serious when the time is closer.Maybe all of 14 days instead of come to class I'll reading all subjects.And the other thing that I worried,now it's raining again and I just exposed to the rain and begins to get a fever again.

31 July, 2006

Long time no updateing my blog !!
last suday,my friend (P'Bird) He went to jatajak market for learning model flower form science clay, so me too ( for me just take a look , did learn) I saw many of flower models, It look seem real flowers. P'bird , he chose " Kathaleeya" for be his first clay flower

23 July, 2006

Today, I wake up early for go to 3D class . Animation control was the main topic for today's class. I learned about How the motion will be ?? How the man walk ?? How they move thrie body ?? That is the things that somtime I look over it, but if you wanna do animation you have to interest all detail in your sight.

And in the end of today's class I have a meeting with my colleague for discuss about game project. We have an agreement for hold on Mario game for be our precedent in game project ( 3rd person game view) one of my colleague will do the over view of game product and next week he will give an assignment.

But next week, is closely my exam. how can I do ?!?

21 July, 2006

The thing that I love to do when I waiting someone is reading. I always pick a book, such as my class book or magazine,when I go outside. Sometime I please to hang around a book store for view some of newest magazine but just view not buy it. hahaha .. Today I hand around in asia book store, I like this place too much because It have many types of book , and my favorite is art type. Most of Art book are publish in english language and have high price. I just look their pictures that enough for bring me an idea for work.

16 July, 2006

Today I get better form sickness, and start reading for the examination on mid-august !!
Now in bangkok, the traffic is too jam to people want to go out. But for maintain our life we have to face with that. Nowadays I spent more than 4 hours be in traffic jam. That decrease our life's quality .

14 July, 2006

I spent all day long for sleep, Because now I have high fever. I take a medicine for two times and I did't get better, I sill have a fever and headache. Wanna get well soon !!